Plan Sea: A book by S.E.Ansley

The narrative of the Plan Sea book visits twenty five countries, mostly between India, Korea, South East Asia and Europe. The story was written over three years, with the final chapter coming during national lockdown in India.

00. Forewarning on Randomness
01. Quantum Approach to Life
02. Road to Nowhere
03. The Message
04. The Dream on Jeju Island
05. Fairy Tale Land
06. Night Train to Chiang Mai
07. Goa on Acid
08. Auroville 50
09. Hundred Day Vipassana
10. Living Examples of Grace
11. Chicken Meditation
12. Festivals and Hungarians
13. Night of The Full Blood Moon
14. The Baltic Trip, Pt. I
15. You Cannot Force Magic
16. Dobra Atmosfera
17. Year of the Pig
18. A Wedding in Sri Lanka
19. Himalayan Heights
20. Homeless Where the Heart Is
21. One Final Crazy Adventure
22. Lockdown in Paradise
23. Preparing for Sea Change




Special thanks and acknowledgements are included at the end of the book. eBook readers receive exclusive photos from across 3+ years of travels and adventures.